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VISITOR'S MAP ON 26/03/2009 11.14AM

VISITOR'S MAP ON 26/03/2009 11.14AM

"Individuals holding Zimbabwe at ransom should be identified!"

by Sibanengi Dube

The catastrophe in Zimbabwe is simulated. It is not natural but man-made. Few known and ambitious individuals with unquenchable political libidos are holding 12 million Zimbabweans at ransom.

The whole populace of Zimbabwe has been reduced into miserable and maddening poverty in a country which is awash with gold, platinum, emeralds, diamonds, chrome and fertile lands. Zimbabwe is one of the countries in the world with a high literate rate. What exactly is still absent? The frankest and obvious reply is that there is either absence of good political management of the country or lack of political will to correct the situation or both.

The solution is on hand and being put into service, but known Zanu PF functionaries are scampering and scattering all genuine attempts to politically and economically redeem Zimbabwe from a free fall. These idiots violently disrupted a constitution writing gathering this week of 4000 Zimbabweans who had gathered to craft a people's constitution. Guess what happened to them after that.


The saddest scenario about Zimbabwe is that everyone, including SADC and African Union decided to pretend that the inclusive government was working well in Zimbabwe. This is despite deafening friction and smoke shooting up from government offices in Harare. This is typically a lion and hyena union both have to remain vigilant and awake; otherwise the relaxed one could be ambushed and get eaten.

The military individuals throwing spanners into the works of the inclusive government are known. This is a fact. Nobody is man-enough to arrest them, or even to publicly point fingers at them. Who doesn’t know the members of the military junta holding Zimbabwe at ransom? Why can’t they be named and shamed? Morgan Tsvangirai knows the people who are being referred to in this article. Robert Mugabe knows them. The all time powerful South Africa President Jacob Zuma is aware of them. Botswana President, Ian Khama knows them and so does most Presidents of this world. Nelson Mandela is acquainted with their activities. I suppose they have balls made of steel. My question is: How will we get a sincere solution to the problems bedeviling Zimbabwe when regional leaders are deviously avoiding the exact source of the catastrophe?

Zanu PF has transgressed every word and letter of the Global Political Agreement with derision. They even momentarily caged MDC’s deputy ministerial appointee Roy Bennet, in the name of upholding the law.


Zanu PF operatives in the police force kidnapped and tortured MDC Pharisees, Gadhi Mudzingwa and Chris Dlamini. Farms invasions are continuing unabated. Gideon Gono, the default Zimabwe’s Reserve Bank Governor is still clutching to his illicit appointment with the sanction of Robert Mugabe. The Attorney General, Tomana is still at Corner House along Samora Machel, selectively and explicitly persecuting MDC sympathizers. Appointments for Ambassadors and governors are still to be done as Zanu PF resorts to what they know best: delaying tactics.

All this are works of Zanu PF extremists who are dead scared to loose the ill-acquired wealth, power and status. They expect MDC ministers to pack their bags one day and leave so that they could continue pillaging residual leftovers from government coffers.

Zimbabwe is currently being held at ransom by this clique of plunderers and murderers who are masquerading as heroes. They are against any process which would spotlight on their nefarious activities that brought Zimbabwe to its knees, drove half of the economic active population out of the country and left thousands in secret shallow graves.

These bloody bastards who scheme their activities in government offices at the expense of the empty State Treasury have done every trick in the book to provoke a popular uprising which they intended to use as a justification to slaughter more people.

Some of them are prepared to die fighting for the preservation of their statuses, which they erroneously feel entitled to, by the exaggerated virtue of having participated in the liberation struggle.

Who did not participant in the liberation struggle? Some of us were still young, but I still remember accompanying my mother to deliver food to the mountains for the armed comrades. Is this not participation? It is sad that a few individuals were allowed to personalize victory. This idiotic mentality has taken us to where we are today.

It is shocking to realize that some Zanu PF Sadducees regard government ministries as personal properties and state assets as family treasures.


“They regard the inclusive government as an irritation which would stop itching one day.” said MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai during a public lecture at a Johannesburg University.

Everyone is prepared to assist Zimbabwe as long as Zanu PF misfits surrender the power which they usurped. Tsvangirai’s recent tour in the Western countries unequivocally revealed this. This is no longer a rumour or suspicion any more. No one wants to work with Mugabe and his boys. Relief funds are gathering dust in trust accounts, as they cannot be accessed as long as Mugabe and Gono have direct access to national treasury. Mugabe has to go to save Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans, any further compromise is perpetuating human suffering. This is the truth. This is a fact which must be repeated.

MDC has to guard against singing any praising hymns for Mugabe. Mugabe’s traits are known; he is treacherous, full-time deceiver and has no mutual respect or understanding with anyone. He respects nobody. His interests are limited to safe-guarding his money and power at whatever cost.




Dear Rev M Hove,

I hope that the journey of life is treating you well, given all the challenges that we are confronted by. I had read some of your comments regarding Mr M D Mawere and your assertions on his activities.

I have taken it for granted that by now after your lengthy journey in life, you would have at least equipped yourself with the elementary skills of reading. I have no doubt that your intentions are clearly set out to defame and make allegations against Mr Mawere. I am not sure how you would benefit from this attempt.

If you take the time, to read and learn about the issues in Zimbabwe , you would arrive at the conclusion that Zimbabwe’s problem’s have nothing to do with Mr Mawere, but rather a lack of human investment by ordinary people in Zimbabwe. This lack of human investment by a countries citizens is not uncommon in the modern developing world.

There are 54 countries that make up the continent of Africa. It is estimated that the population is around 850 million people.

Over the last 50 years there have been many Zimbabwe’s on the African continent. Please take time to understand the challenges facing our continent and you would come to the conclusion that self interest verses selflessness is the major challenge facing us.

You would remember that when you approached Africa Heritage Management Services, you were looking for employment and we offered you an opportunity to develop and utilize your skills.

You were assisted on numerous occasions with regard to your work performance. Not withstanding these issues we continued to assist you in your skills development.

You resigned from AHMS on your own accord and stated that you were moving to Australia to continue your fight for regime change in Zimbabwe. Subsequent to this, you called me on numerous occasions for personal financial assistance. You are fully aware that you still owe outstanding loans to AHMS. These were monies borrowed from the company to address your personal issues.

To date you have not even had the decency to propose a payment plan. This behavior confirms your belief in “ entitlement “.

You make reference to the voiceless people of Zimbabwe. I am yet to learn how people become voiceless, when you have demonstrated that you are able to voice the kind of rumors and unconfirmed statements that you make.

The glue of life is a “common set of values for the betterment of humanity. Please Mr Hove, your comments are a manifestation of a person who is not prepared to learn, understand and practice the “good values” that we take for granted.

It is my sincerest hope that you move from being a Selfish person to a SELFLESS HUMAN BEING.

If you don’t know how to make this transition, then you should stop wasting your time blogging on 42 sites and start learning how to invest your time in a project that will be of greater benefit to Humankind , than taking up valuable space on the internet stage.

My kindest regards

Nathan Mariemuthu (nathanm@worldonline.co.za)

Rev Hove replies:

Hi Nathan!

I am happy my brother MDM got the opportunity to address the issues that sorround his case.

For the fact that he gave a lengthy response to the numerous allegations etc, I thank him.

I'm going through a rough patch (yes).... so are millions who do not have a chance to be heard. At least I've platforms to air my views, concerns etc!

Again, thanks Nathan for your email.

M S Hove...Rev.


Dear Rev Hove,

I will not bother to introduce myself, or give you the pleasure of including my name in your purposeless and personal ego trip on the back of millions of people struggling with health, economic and social issues in Zimbabwe.

I have come across many of your emails and blogs regarding some rather extreme and somewhat naive views and doctrines you tend to propagate. For the record, I know nothing of your background, nor am I of Zimbabwe origin or citizen, but like most, I am concerned about the plight of the country and do my bit to help. If just one individual is better through my contributions, then I feel a sense of achievement.

You sir, on the other, seem to attack policy decisions in the country, attack business leaders who are resided outside of Zimbabwe, and continue to misguide so many people who are unfortunate to come in contact with some your writing. I thought it will be appropriate to send you this email, perhaps, as a little rash in your vast ego trip, so you can come down to earth and start dealing with the issues that matter to the many Zimbabweans and not think of yourself only. With that in mind, could I propose the following,

1. At no stage did I come across a message from you with any details of a structural approach, by yourself or in association with any party, that has created an opportunity for prosperity to a single citizen of Zimbabwe. May I suggest to you that while millions of Zimbabweans live in destitute and extreme poverty in South Africa, it is not solely the responsibility of businesses and business leaders to contribute towards the welfare of these people. For a person that professes to love your country of origin, I would imagine that by now you would have contributed thousands of man hours towards resources like education of the younger generation, awareness of culture and living practices in South Africa and so on. Somehow, I doubt this is the case.

2. In your many arguments put forward on behalf of Zimbabwe, sir, could I ask on what platform you stand; what gives you the mandate to make such comments, and on whose behalf you are speaking? It is often too easy for people like yourself to use the weak for personal gains, and your being a reverend disturbs me deeply. The many people on whom you have been entrusted the responsibility to preach tolerance and love, obedience and respect, risk being poisoned with what sounds like the voice of a frustrated power seeking individual, who, as history has often shown us, tend to become closer to the anti Christ, when suddenly entrusted with the responsibilities of managing the hopes and aspirations of the people. I pray that the people of Zimbabwe and indeed the world can see through this farce you propagate, and disregard your either naive or manipulative doctrine.

3. Can I suggest that you look within yourself and start asking the right questions? How can I best contribute towards the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe? I hope you are aware that the citizens are the most valuable assets of any state and Zimbabwe is no different. Whatever happens in this era, that of President Mugabe, he will not last forever, and the concept of the citizens of Zimbabwe being the most valuable asset will remain long after you and I have left this world. As long as we live in a capitalist world, and there are no signs of any changes in the foreseeable future, we must all strive to arm individuals with all the necessary tools for survival and opportunity for prosperity. I don't hear you saying this, and for a man who is meant to have an understanding of philosophy and theology, I must say I am not impressed by your education. Or perhaps, your doctrines are designed with an ulterior motive, or simply you are just a puppet, being played in the fields of politics by those who have the resources to push a specific agenda. Either way, I will suggest you start questioning your methods and approach instead of your focus on business and individual business leaders.

4. I gather that you reside in South Africa and possess South African citizenship. I am sure you are proud of the protection the South African state provides to its citizens; creating an environment for opportunities, justice, and investments in its citizens through adequate education and health care etc. At the same time seeking better ways to manage its resources to better deliver these amenities to its citizens. I imagine you dream of Zimbabwe moving a similar sort of direction, and perhaps aware of the sacrifices, commitments and hard work needed for all to move towards one direction to achieve a common human objective, a better life. I am not convinced you recognise the sacrifices made by others for you to enjoy the protection of the state provided through citizenship that you now enjoy.

5. You mentioned something about externalisation of resources or words to that effect. I believe by this you mean the ability for an individual to invest his or her assets in countries outside of Zimbabwe. Assets includes cash money for your information. You may not realise that to commit in a world economy, liberalisation of trade is vital. Innovation, substitute goods or services etc, are all factors that will benefit from trade liberalisation, talkless of consumer choice. I am not suggesting that this is done with no regulation from the government to protect the greedy nature of business, but that you should seek methods to strengthen small businesses rather than criticise them. Or is it just big business you are criticising? I would therefore imply that you are against any foreign investment in Zimbabwe, not only because but also because such investments will require repatriation of profits. Without going into details, I suggest to you that you do not fully understand the implications of some of the things you say.

Please read these five points thoroughly. There is no need for you to come back to me on any of them, I am an insignificant, a non-entity especially with the fight you have in your hands. I am sure I will come across your blogs or emails again, and this time, I hope when I read them, the sunlight of awareness and tolerance, love and respect, would have shone on you and reflected in your vision of Zimbabwe.

Kindest Regards

James Eben / solemender@yahoo.co.uk


(In the photo the one with a stiped short-sleeved shirt handing the Petition is Brother John Vincent Chikwari, Sec General of the Revolutionary Youth Movement of Zimbabwe. The young man in "dreadlocks" on the far right on the photo is Brother Sinom "Dreadman" Mudekwa, Executive President of the RYMZ.The Official receiving and signing for the Petition is either a Representative of the Pan-African Parliament, SADC, AU or some other body, my memory betrays me.)


Simon Dreadman Mudekwa /dreadmans@gmail.com/ wrote:


The Revolutionary Youth Movement of Zimbabwe is surprised by personal attacks happening between Mr Mawere and Rev Hove.We strongly believe that the future leaders should learn from you as elders but this is not happening.Instead we are reading article after article of personal attacks which wont solve our problems as youths.

With the GNU in place we were expecting to hear constructive ideas on issues affecting out country and how to solve them.As young people we are faced with a lot of challenges from education to health and we expect our elders to come upfront and stretch a helping hand and constructive ideas for the betterment of the people of Zimbabwe and the country.

I read one part of their discussion in the article and I figured out irrelevant answers and questions between the two.

On behalf of Revolutionary Youth Movement of Zimbabwe I would like to remind Rev Hove that the accusation that Mr Mawere refused to help us in fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe does not hold water because it is the very same democracy we are fighting for that people must choose leaders of their own choice without fear.

Whether Mr Mawere supported Dr Makoni or not is not a case because thats his choice.To be seen forcing Mr Mawere to support leaders which he dont feel comfortable with, will be a violation of his rights.Myself and my Secretary General had a meeting with Mr Mawere but we could not discuss that publicly because it will be like violating Mr Mawere's rights as I have already mentioned.

Let's stop fighting each other and focus on rebuilding our beloved country Zimbabwe.The choice is yours-to be a part of the solution or not to be but lets stop fighting as this will cause confusion amongst the people who are willing to rebuild Zimbabwe in peace.We need to unite and forgive each other for the good of the country.

As youths we have already started programmes of building research centres and schools in rural areas and you would rather support this initiative than fighting.We have managed to source equipment for this but all the same we wont discriminate people on grounds of whether they are supporting this or not.

Lets move forward and bring back our country to its former state of milk and honey.

Finally I would like to highlight that I believe these were personal attacks and no organisation either attached to Mr Mawere or Rev Hove was part of this.

To all those comrades whom we used to fight with I urge you to unite and rebuild our country.This is the perfect ground to come together and think about the children and people of Zimbabwe before thinking about self enrichment.

We are driven by the same passion of rebuilding our country.This is not about individuals now but our beloved country.

Thank you

Simon Mudekwa
President-Revolutionary Youth Movement of Zimbabwe.


From Golden Gadzirayi Nyambuya /gadzirai@gmail.com/ wrote:

Dear Simon Dread,

It is but encouraging to hear such sober and thoughtful words coming from you. I commend you stance. We must follows your lead.


Dear Rev. Hove,

I refer to your note below. You choose to describe me as an advanced economic mercenary. I am not sure what informs your mind and why you would choose to defame my character and to involve me in what appears to be a personal agenda. It is important that you set out your injury and the basis on which the purported legal guidance is being sought.

You wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and in it you decided to use my name in a malicious and defamatory manner. What would motivate a person to divert from a national agenda and choose to focus on an individual is what escapes my mind. If I was an economic mercenary who did not love Zimbabwe, the government of Zimbabwe would simply have had nothing to nationalise in the country. All the assets would have been externalised.

However, it is common cause that the likes of Gwaradzimba and many others are cashing in on the companies that were acquired, created and transformed in Zimbabwe and not in some outer space through my leadership. You obviously do not understand what a mercenary is. The government of Zimbabwe had to use draconian measures to open a window to nationalise my assets all situated in the Republic of Zimbabwe. The employees who derive incomes from the companies so nationalised are Zimbabwean. The customers that are served with the products and services are not only in Zimbabwe but all over the world. Equally, the suppliers and other stakeholders involved in the value chain are the real beneficiaries of an economic enterprise, a point often overlooked by simple and naive minds.

I believe that you have opened a conversation point about what kind of Zimbabwe you want to see. Naturally, you are entitled to exclude from the Zimbabwe you want to see. That is your prerogative. However, what is important is that we disagree without being disagreeable. If you believe that the government of Zimbabwe was entitled to manufacture new laws to deal with my specific circumstances, then it is only fair that you add your voice to those who believe that no change in Zimbabwe is believable change. The restoration of the rule of law and respect for human and property rights is not just a Western issue but is also an issue to people who believe that Zimbabwe’s brighter day will only come if people like you begin to be objective and impartial. A democratic constitutional order compels everyone who subscribes to this social construction not to be the judge, jury and executioner or in the circumstances of SMM for the government to assume the role of a creditor even without any regard to the jurisdictional facts and the proceed to the a judge unto its own cause. For more information that your lawyer should also look at as he advises you, please read the Reconstruction of State Indebted Insolvent Companies Act.

You should read the preamble that says as follows with respect to the application of the law: “This Act shall apply to all state indebted companies, including those formed or incorporated before the date of commencement of this Act and regardless of when they became indebted to the State.”

It is instructive that the word “state” is not even described in the whole legislation. I attach hereto a copy of the Statutory Instrument and the Act for you to see and share with your legal counsel.

If you find the Act consistent with the values that you want to see in Zimbabwe then you are perfectly entitled to pronounce your opinion on it rather than focus on me. This same legislation may be used against you and your successors. The inclusive government is not calling for its removal from the statutes rather the focus is on the removal of sanctions while leaving these laws in place to be used against people you choose to describe as advanced economic mercenaries. What if state actors have now become advanced economic mercenaries? How are you to respond? It will be interesting to get the response of your attorneys not just for my personal benefit but for the benefit of all the people who are on your distribution list.

I am one who is for dialogue and will encourage you to ventilate all your frustrations on my case. I do hope that this will give you the necessary mental and physical therapy that you may be in need of.



Rev Hove replies:

My brother I'm very sure you do not appreciate the depth of my commitment to seeing not only a New Zimbabwe but a full postmortem of all which happened in the last few years, especially.

I'm not afraid of any stone. I will turn all of them..... including any that may shake your very foundation!

I shudder at the information that is reaching me as I delve into all the facets of the Zimbabwean Story!

Please wait patiently as I prepare my response as I promised.

I had it ready but a Zim legal brain asked me to wait a bit.

By the way its not about either you or me!

Far from it!

The time has come to call each item by its real name.

Please kindly give me a few days!

For the love of Zimbabwe!

Mufaro Stig Hove...Rev.



2009/3/26 stanford chibanda schiband@fas.harvard.edu

Going off topic is fine with some of us once in a while because its all part of the "forum fun" ...
However, it will become very discomforting in no time if we decide to continue turning this forum into an unproductive platform for spiteful and dirty personal attacks and smears which undoubtedly become a disruption to the level headed discussion discourse some of us are looking for and wanted to build...
Naturally, there is a level of banter and 'joshing' and countering / defense that is perfectly acceptable and is an expected part of any discussion forum of differing political and social backgrounds. Yet when threads consist only of name calling and insults - then some of us begin to wonder whether are in the right forum, a forum that is a source of socio-politico solutions and smart ideas and thinking.
So I hope all of us can make a serious effort to pause before writing posts which are only designed to be insulting to, or to wind up or childishly outsmart your fellow forum members. Hopefully contributors will try to pause, think and then send us something that can benefit and attract the participation of the plus 300 members on this distribution list... Those with strong inclinations for personal vendettas should take them off line and resolve them privately with no exceptions - this includes the forum moderators and the rest of us...
My own experience has taught me that
* Personal vicious attacks are not going to help "one bit' any one of us
* Out smarting each other publicly is not a sign of any strength
* Going off-topic on a thread - just to score personal points or to be disruptive definitely deprives members from productive discussion relating to the Zimbabwe ...
Unless I am mistaken this forum is not a tool for any one of us to settle personal scores but to discuss real pertinent issues with fellow sound minds..So to my fellow armchair revolutionaries, lets find our path back to discussions that are not pregnant with any personal attacks. ... to those misinformed or naturally devious cohorts, it's never too late to find time for some 'sitting on hands' and carefully reflect....:-)...
We are all Zimbabweans, lets make an effort to advance our agenda of sharing notes and heated arguments and ideas on the state of Zimbabwe..
Just my 2 cents..

That's where we miss completely!

When I say "Robert Mugabe is a Master-Assassin" nobody complains.

Like I said over and over again, the suffering, simple, unsophisticated, silenced people are my focus.

If God put minerals at Zvishavane, then Zvishavane among other areas lack development while the foreign currency incurred helps a few goons to buy 10 houses each some with upstairs with 5 visitor's lodges each, then by God I swear.........

...... I swear........

we will meet each other.


I'm in a bad frame of mind, I admit but to allege that I'm an attention-seeker who has the propensity etc etc ....... BE WARNED...... the forces behind me are too committed for shallow intimidation etc.

I wish not to be further disturbed.

Let me prepare the case against Mutumwa in peace!

Rev Mufaro Stig Hove.


Dear Rev Hove,

What is the problem with Zimbabwe?

When I was alerted to a letter written by Rev M.S. Hove to Prime Minister Tsvangirai


I was tempted to ignore it because of the state of mind of the author and his propensity to seek attention even when it is not necessary. However, in the interests of bridging the knowledge divide that poses a more significant threat to the progress of Zimbabwe than anything. Ignorance if not cured can be a debilitating disease and when malicious statements are made about one’s character and integrity then it is important to set the record straight.

This is what Hove chose to say about me in his open letter to Hon. Tsvangirai: “Incidentally I'm a South African Citizen by birth, not like Mutumwa Mawere who rushed to arrange his Citizenship with the then Minister of Home Affairs to escape his legitimate prosecution for externalizing the resources of Zimbabwe...and to be first in line to benefit from the Black Emplowerement Exercie (BEE) which is being implemented here in South Africa (This is a subject on its own for which I'm preparing a full submission!)”

He makes the point that he is a genuine South African since he was born in South Africa. The right to South African citizenship like in all other countries is determined by the authorities of the country. The South African government is more competent to make a statement about my citizenship than Mr. Hove. The rules for acquiring such citizenship are in the public domain and there is no provision for the acquisition of such citizenship from the Minister of Home Affairs. He has no authority to grant citizenship. A foreign born person has to comply with the rules of the country. As a person who evidently does not know me, Mr. Hove like many Zimbabweans who choose to believe what they read in the media may not know that I have been a resident of South Africa since 1995 which makes this year my 14th year in the country.

It is strange that Mr. Hove would choose to implicate a Minister in the government of South Africa without the decency of naming the person. In making this wild allegation, Mr. Hove is making a case that I corruptly acquired my citizenship. For how can South Africa grant citizenship to a person on the run. If I was a refugee, I would have qualified for political asylum rather than for citizenship. However, there is no provision for granting a person who is escaping legitimate persecution citizenship. Mr. Hove may not be aware that in May 2004, the government of Zimbabwe applied to the South African government for my extradition.

The matter was heard by three South African Magistrate. They had to determine if I was an extraditable person and if the alleged crime was an extraditable offence. The government of Zimbabwe was represented by 6 police officer throughout the hearings and the Court dismissed the application. Notwithstanding, Mr. Hove believes that he is a better judge and in his mind the adjudication of the Court was not sufficient. If I had corruptly acquired South African citizenship, then this ought to be a matter for the South African government to determine without the help of Mr. Hove and his apparent new friend, albeit for the purpose of attacking my character, the government of Zimbabwe.

He then goes to make the case that the allegations of externalisation which formed part of the extradition application were legitimate. In other words, he is making the statement that the Courts in South Africa erred in dismissing the extradition application. If he was the Magistrate, he would have extradited me. Does Mr. Hove understand what externalisation is? It is evident that his thinking is no different from the thinking at the RBZ and the rest of the government of Zimbabwe.
The allegation against me by the government of Zimbabwe was that SMM, a company registered under the laws of Zimbabwe, whose principal business is the mining processing and marketing of asbestos exported asbestos that was sold to Southern Asbestos Sales (Pty) Limited (SAS). Both SMM and SAS were ultimately beneficially owned by me. However, the supplier is a company and the purchaser is also a company. If a supplier is not paid by a purchaser who is domiciled in a foreign country it is up to the supplier to file a claim against the purchaser. In this case, the purchaser is a company that is governed under South African law. Zimbabwean law has no extra-territorial application. What should happen is that in the event that SAS is unable to pay its debts to its creditors, a Court will grant an order for its liquidation. This will then allow the Master of the High Court to appoint liquidators to identify the company’s assets and recover them to the benefit of creditors.

In the case of SMM, the government after failing to extradite m, proceeded to specify me under Zimbabwean laws. After the specification, an Investigator was then appointed by the Minister of Justice. This was then followed by the specification of all companies deemed to be under my control. An Investigator was then appointed. After this, the government discovered that there was no legal way to nationalise my companies other than use Presidential Powers to manufacture a new law that allowed the Minister without using the Courts to appoint an Administrator. Under the decree promulgated by the President in September 2004, the Minister was vested with the powers to appoint an Administrator whose remuneration was to be 6% of the turnover of the company. This was done and Gwaradzimba was appointed and he proceeded to dismiss the board.

This was in 2004 and now it is 2009. One would have expected the police to have completed the investigations but alas no investigations have been completed. Mr. Hove is and was free to assist in the investigations rather than pontificate on his blog as if he has some intelligence that we do not know about. Naturally, Mr. Hove has no qualms about the actions of the government of Zimbabwe.

In all this saga, one must be reminded that the exporter was a private company. The foreign currency generated belonged to the exporter and not the government. The government’s interest in the exports can only be its claim on taxes – that is if Zimbabwe is operating like a normal country. However, under Gono, the approach to exports changed and it is evident in Mr. Hove’s later response that he also believes that export proceeds belong to the state and not to the party that has incurred expenses in the generation of such output. We need not remind Mr. Hove that to produce one ton of exportable asbestos one has to incur expenses and the profit element in such endeavour is no more than 10% of the invoice value. Any producer that does not pay its creditors will cease to produce and the claims that Mr. Hove makes ought to come from the creditors of SMM.

When Gono was appointed Governor he introduced new policies whereby exporters were to surrender export proceeds and in return for this extortion new borrowing facilities were introduced i.e. Productive Sector Facilities where exporters could only access Z$ and not the required foreign currency to pay to creditors. As a result, most exporters like SMM had to endure such absurdity. As we all now know, dollarization is the order of the day in Zim but at what cost. Gono tried to defy the market with gimmicks but this failed and even President Mugabe has now accepted that it is futile to believe that the local currency has any traction when no one believes in it.

To Mr. Hove, this is all irrelevant.

He then makes some outrageous allegations as follows: The issue is not who did that externalization or whether I benefitted from somebody who did. The issues are: Is it fair for someone to stay in Johannesburg, support a mining venture at Zvishavane in Zimbabwe, send the minerals to India, get a cheque of US$X, bank that cheque in Johannesburg then only send a small fraction of those proceeds to support the mining venture in Zim only so it keeps providing fuel for the same cycle to continue. The issue also is not that the Government of the day in Zim is evil and illegitimate hence has no moral authority to cite that illegality. Even if it is not legislated its as evil as murder is evil even if it was not legislated. The people in Zim need medicines in their hospitals, sophisticated equipment in various sectors of Industry, Agriculture etc and what happens if millions of pounds and US dollars are banked by every businessman in foreign lands? We will all pass from this world one day….. each on his appointed day and we owe it to the future generations to do things right while we are holding the God-given resources in our custody. If a relative of mine was a drug-dealer or a prostitute and they paid for my education to University, that does not mean I should be unable to mention that drug-dealing or prostitution was wrong.”
He makes the point that: Is it fair for someone to stay in Johannesburg, support a mining venture at Zvishavane in Zimbabwe, send the minerals to India, get a cheque of US$X, bank that cheque in Johannesburg then only send a small fraction of those proceeds to support the mining venture in Zim only so it keeps providing fuel for the same cycle to continue. – If Johannesburg is my home, then I am not sure what it is that Mr. Hove expects me to do. If for instance, Bill Gates stays in Washington State, and he happens to be a shareholder of Microsoft, a company that does business in many countries.

Should Mr. Gates be resident in all the countries that Microsoft is registered? If Microsoft sells a product to a person then Mr. Gates must be involved. Any claim against Microsoft should automatically be a claim against Mr. Gates. How absurd? But in Mr. Hove’s world this is not absurd. Mawere must be resident in Zimbabwe because the mines are located there. The trading relationships between companies is regulated by the invoice value in the transactions. Should government harvest where it has not sown? Whose exports are they? The people of Zimbabwe need medicines so does SMM need cash to pay its creditors. Has it occurred to Mr. Hove that SMM had its own obligations that had to be discharged and the nationalisation of export proceeds by the RBZ for onward transmission to rent seekers was where the problem emanated from?

He make the point that I was the first in line to benefit from BEE. It appears that Mr. Hove knows of a line that people have to join to benefit from so-called BEE benefits. I am not aware of such a queue and what it takes to be eligible. I was born in Zimbabwe and, therefore, as an individual I am not qualified to benefit from BEE. I am a well known figure in South Africa and it would be unlikely that people would mistake me for a previously disadvantaged person. We have to wait for Mr. Hove’s promised dossier on the BEE exercise and how it is that I am supposed to be first in line and people would not recognise my name and accent as a Zimbabwean born person. Only a na├»ve person like Mr. Hove would believe that South Africans are foolish.

With respect to SAS, it is important that we bring to the attention of Mr. Hove that the company was liquidated in June 2005 and its affairs are under the control of liquidators appointed in terms of South African law. Accordingly, if the allegations of externalisation are valid then Mr. Hove should furnish such evidence to the liquidators so that they can pursue me. They have not done so to date and yet Mr. Hove appears to know something about the affairs of the company than the liquidators know. What is more significant is that all the people appointed by the government of Zimbabwe to deal with the SMM issue have not bothered to contact the liquidators with the so-called evidence of externalisation. It is important that people like Mr. Hove who appears to be motivated by an agenda walk the talk.
I do hope that the sickness that has visited many Zimbabweans to make wild allegations with no regard for the truth stops someday. The Zimbabwean nightmare will only end if energy was devoted to finding lasting solutions to the economic quagmire but time and resources are being spent on speculative and exploratory issues.

I do hope that Rev Hove takes time to read the above so that he can elevate his discourse to a level that moves whatever agenda he is pursuing to a logical conclusion. He needs help and I have done my part to assist and came to the conclusion that the injury is too deep to be fixed by one individual.



PLEASE ALSO CHECK http://zimfinalpush10.blogspot.com/2009/03/debate-sorrounding-rev-hoves-mention-of.html



Also posted at http://www.nehandaradio.com/zimbabwe/opinionwriters/mawere/replytohove250309.html

ALSO AT http://www.zimtownship.com/underdev/news/zimbabwe.php?zimbabwe=44f9dd3ea0d0f25d045d98c3e206aca8


by Rev Mufaro Stig Hove.


I wrote a submission entitled “WHY THE SADC/MBEKI INIATIVE CANNOT AND
( http://zimfinalpush8.blogspot.com/2007/12/why-sadcmbeki-initiative-cannot-and.html ). That was on the 14th of October, 2007.

My arguments there still stand. In fact I’m the more convinced two years later that I
was right. The tragedy is that “bloggers” are taken as “peripheral characters” who should not taken seriously!

We are bloggers just because some of the things we send to “conventional” Media houses are either rejected outright or, in certain instances, “edited” until they lose the “feel” required.

When I discuss Zim Politics, I try to rise above Party differences. I believe there are “bad apples” in every Political Party. And in the final analysis, “all have sinned and have fallen short of the Glory of God” anyway. (Romans 3 v 23.)

So there is no angel among the sons of men. Only God has the full light, truth etc. So no-one is above criticism.

This approach of mine makes a few minds to be confused whether I’m ZANU-PF or MDC or neither. To these friends of mine...... I’m just a concerned Zimbabwean.

I’m a Minister of Religion who is in the political discourse to make my own style and type of contribution. If God allowed me to do it, then He will see me through!

I once asked my dear brother Mutumwa Dziva Mawere (while I was with his Africa Heritage Management Services) if he could help the Revolutionary Youth Movement of which I’m Patron.

He said to me, “You and I are South African Citizens. What will Mugabe and ZANU-PF say when they hear that we are supporting the protests that are being held at the Zimbabwean Embassy……. Especially us being South African Citizens?”

I didn’t say it to him how I felt about his response! I thought his response was the greatest rubbish and hypocrisy..... and I had last heard that type of stuff on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

I knew my brother had his own thoughts!

Then came Simba Makoni!

Then the millions were released!

How could I not know when it was I that was going to the Rivonia FNB to get the raw cash?

Then Simba Makoni lost!

And the brother is now back to his “South African Citizenship” song!

Now I will leave no stone unturned in the quest to get to the resolution of the Zimbabwean Crisis!


There are a few schools of thought!

The first point to preliminarily note is that the top-brass in ZANU-PF (including Robert Mugabe himself) are not interested in the GNU!

Imagine that Robert Mugabe (who I consider illegitimate even as leader of ZANU-PF, said at a ZANU-PF Central Committee, “We did not perform well. We should have worked harder….. That’s why we have this GNU imposed by SADC upon us!”

Rubbish you Robert Mugabe!

What “working hard” do you mean? Killing more people? Inventing more tricks, more styles of intimidation, more forms of Propaganda etc?”

What “performing well” are you talking about? Inventing more technics of rigging the Elections? (Refer my submission “THE RIGGING OF THE ZIM ELECTIONS?

So ZANU-PF actually weep when they think that they are being “forced” by SADC into an “unholy marriage” with two MDC’s because they didn’t “perform well” etc etc.

The first school of thought goes:

Mbeki and certain other SADC leaders have certain interests in Zimbabwe such as farms, mines etc. So they never let a truly “fresh” Government to take charge in Zimbabwe.

The second school of thought goes:

Tsvangirai was persuaded that all his “activism” would be wasted and go to “nought” if he continued kicking his feet against the irons. Why not take a rest here and get a bit of massage, drink fresh water and get time to re-strategize? Or…. As Mbeki says….. You are simply brothers, you people…… what’s the problem? Just pull together…… just work together!

Related to this is the hope that Tsvangirai and the MDC will "outshine" Mugabe and ZANU-PF hence (according to the MDC "road map") ALL THEN WILL BE WELL THAT ENDS WELL!

The third school of thought goes:

Tsvangirai himself sees that the end of his Second Term as MDC President is about to expire! Remember the MDC was formed in 1999? So the two terms expire end of this year! So he is aware some fools will
say he didn’t complete the “mission” for which he was elected to the Presidency of the MDC!

Then there could be an issue where “retiring” from the Presidency of the MDC has neither terminal benefits nor a life pension! Retiring from even the Prime Ministership obviously has all those!


Everyone including Mr Thabo Mbeki knows that you had 38 constituencies more than were “given” you by ZANU-PF in 2000!

Everyone including Mr Motlanthe knows that you won resoundingly the Presidential Elections of 2002!

Everyone including the whole of the AU and SADC know that you won astronomically the 2008 Elections in all areas: Local Government, Parliamentary, Senatorial and ….. YES…… even the very Presidential

Robert was heard to ask the ZANU-PF “winners” why in many of their Constituencies the ZANU-PF MP won but he, Robert lost in the same-day polls!

All the SADC crooks know that power should have been in the hands of the MDC since the year 2000!

Thabo, son of the real hero, Govan Mbeki has these figures for the Presidential Elections of 2008:


Morgan R. Tsvangirai......MDC 1248395 (51,71%)

Robert G. Mugabe....ZANU-PF 1044292 (43,26%)

Other...................................... 121143 (5,03%
TOTAL: ................................. 2413830 (100%)





So brother Morgan, please come back to us!

Don’t be too desperate!

Is it about a legacy that in fact may include a successful assassination?

Please consult widely!

We will understand if you pull out!

I, personally, think you should never have gone in!

Rev Mufaro Stig Hove.



Cell: 0791463039 RSA.


FOR SOURCE OF ORIGINAL REFERENCE: http://dearprestsvangirai.blogspot.com/2009/03/rev-hove-writes-urgent-frank-open-to.html


2009/3/20 ramona farrell

Dear Hove,

I'm writing to ask (more out of curiosity then anything else) why the sudden switch in tone (not that your opinion matters to me, or, I'm guessing, the large part of people on this mailing list) when you write the following:

"Incidentally I'm a South African Citizen by birth, not like Mutumwa Mawere who rushed to arrange his Citizenship with the then Minister of Home Affairs to escape his legitimate prosecution for externalizing the resources of Zimbabwe...and to be first in line to benefit from the Black Emplowerement Exercise (BEE) which is being implemented here in South Africa (This is a subject on its own for which I'm preparing a full submission!)"

How perplexing to see the sudden change of paradigm , considering that Mawere assisted you in securing a job at Africa Heritage Investments when you were desperate for a job. To my knowledge, Mawere has been a resident of South Africa since 1995 and he obtained his citizenship prior to the so-called allegations of externalisation. If Mawere was already a non-resident Zimbabwe, how can you describe him as having escaped. For all of us who have known him, he has resided at the same address since 1995. I recall seeing you at various court rooms protesting against the actions of the government of Zimbabwe and its South African lawyers on Mawere.

To my knowledge Mawere has not been convicted of any externalisation crime. What is going on Hove? You sound desperate and keen to attack the very people of who have helped you in your life. Your behaviour is despicable and I would have thought that you had more sense than that. Was it not you looking for Mawere a few days ago for financial assistance?

I personally find it very disheartening to see you exerting the same crookedness as these 'cronies' you ram on and on and on about.

It's a shame, but certainly not suprising. For this is the world in which we live.

I hope and pray Zimbabwe will not be run by people like you. (But low and behold, you're not a Zimbabwean citizen but a South African!)

Warmest regards

Dear Ms Ramona Farrell,

You wrote me a letter (which is somewhere at the end of this submission) where you said I had a “change of heart” when I said some things about the externalization of Zimbabwe’s resources.

FOR SOURCE OF ORIGINAL REFERENCE: http://dearprestsvangirai.blogspot.com/2009/03/rev-hove-writes-urgent-frank-open-to.html

The issue is not who did that externalization or whether I benefitted from somebody who did.

The issues are: Is it fair for someone to stay in Johannesburg, support a mining venture at Zvishavane in Zimbabwe, send the minerals to India, get a cheque of US$X, bank that cheque in Johannesburg then only send a small fraction of those proceeds to support the mining venture in Zim only so it keeps providing fuel for the same cycle to continue.

The issue also is not that the Government of the day in Zim is evil and illegitimate hence has no moral authority to cite that illegality. Even if externalisation was not legislated as evil its just as evil as murder is evil even if it was not legislated as such.

The people in Zim need medicines in their hospitals, sophisticated equipment in various sectors of Industry, Agriculture etc and what happens if millions of pounds and US dollars are banked by every businessman in foreign lands?

We will all pass from this world one day….. each on his appointed day and we oew it to the future generations to do things right while we are holding the God-given resources in our custody.

If a relative of mine was a drug-dealer or a prostitute and they paid for my education to University, that does not mean I should be unable to mention that drug-dealing or prostitution was wrong.

About my South African Citizenship and my inability to hold office in Government in Zim, then I wonder why we are trying to remove ZANU-PF?

Ramona you should remember that ZANU-PF shook the whole country and said those with “dual citizenship” should renounce the “external one” if they wanted to vote. Is it a crime if you went to Japan and gave birth there? Your son/daughter would have the Japanese citizenship BY BIRTH but would still be a citizen of the other country BY DESCENT. So what? What’s the big deal there?

I’m as Zimbabwean as Saviour Kasukuwere and Didymus Mutasa. About Robert Mugabe I doubt if he is even a Zimbabwean by either BIRTH or DESCENT.

So Ramona, there we are!

I wonder if you have any further questions, Your Worship?

Rev Mufaro Stig Hove.


Cell: 0791463039 RSA.

P/S FOR THE RECORD: Ramona is the one who even showed me a blog. I didn’t know what it was let alone how to blog. (In October, 2006 remember Ramona?) I’m eternally grateful to you my sister just as I’m eternally grateful to my dear brother Mutumwa Dziva Mawere. I’m sure even you can testify that I’ve taken blogging to astronomical heights and have taught myself to add this and that to my now 42 blogs. I’m sure you are proud of your student, Ramona!

In case you want to see what kind of person I am, Ramona, I refer you to the story of my life (abridged) at http://zimfinalpush10.blogspot.com/2009/03/rev-mufaro-stig-hove-profile.html .
You may need it when you are given the honour to compile my Obituary!
Remarks by Bro Kuthula Matshazi


My e-mail does not respond to all the people but this a good response. You have confirmed the externalisation that I once talked about. Thanks for your impartiality!!!

Best, Kuthula Matshazi
Visit my Blog at http://kuthula.blogspot.com

Rev Hove's earlier reply,

Zimbabwe will continue after all of us are gone.

Zimbabwe is bigger than all of us combined.

My ultimate allegiance is to the very small, unsophisticated people in Zimbabwe.

I owe a lot to Mutumwa Mawere.

But that does not mean I can't say the truth as it stands.

Personal politics and excessive fear of each other will destroy the National Politics.

I will not continue.

M S Hove...Rev

Rev Mufaro Stig Hove: Profile:

I was born on the 18th of October, 1956 at Bethania Hospital in Dundee, Natal, RSA. I went to the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1958 and grew up and did my schooling up to the Cambridge School Certificate there.

During my Secondary Education I got heavily involved in Nationalist Politics and was part of the then African Nationalist Council which was being led by the Bishop Abel Muzorewa, the late Rev Canaan Banana, my late father Rev Finiel Hove among others.

At Chegato Secondary in 1972, I was in Form Three and was in the forefront of campaigning for a “NO” vote in the Pearce Commission of that year. I completed my Secondary Education with flying colours but could not go on to Higher Education due to the “bottle-necks” that were deliberately put in the way against blacks by the racist Regime of Ian Smith.

In 1974 I looked for a job and got it at the then Electricity Supply Authority and worked until Easter of 1975 when I was detained after organizing the recruitment of ZANLA guerillas. I was in detention for 3 weeks and was discharged after they said at 19 I was too young to be charged with an offense with attracted the death sentence.

In May of 1975, I got employed at Mupamombe School, Rimuka Township, Kadoma (Gatooma then).

In November of the same year I got detained and spent five weeks solitary confinement at the Chakari Police Station while investigations were being made of my alleged involvement in the sending of 9 youths to Mozambique for military guerilla training. I was let off by a whisker after there was no evidence that I had encouraged the said 9 youths etc etc.

The truth is that I had encouraged and assisted them.

Just before Christmas of 1975, I was released and I decided to get a Professional Qualification. I got a place at the United College of Education in 1976. I left the Institution in before graduating in June 1977 because I had got saved and I felt the urge to preach the Word of God.

I left for the Republic of South Africa beginning of 1978 to join a Gospel Team sponsored by the Assemblies of God (Back to God.) We travelled in many parts of Natal and the Transkei preaching and seeing various miracles as God honoured His Word.

In 1979 I enrolled at the Union Bible Institute near Pietermaritzburg and this is the only full Diploma that I have to my credit.

In 1981 in December, I got married to Faith Thandiwe Mahlaba and we travelled to Zimbabwe to start our new family.

As soon as I arrived in Zimbabwe I got heavily involved again now in ZANU-PF Politics and rose through the ranks from the Cell, to the Branch and to the District in Kadoma.

I have written a lengthy submission entitled “The Thoughts and Memories of a former ZANU-PF Cadre” http://zimfinalpush2.blogspot.com/2007/06/thoughts-and-memories-of-former-zanu-pf.html where I recalled the dark day of June 16, 1984 where we were made to go around the high-density areas of Kadoma beating up and literally killing PF-ZAPU and UANC members.

I felt very bad from that time to up 1985 when I decided to leave politics and concentrate on just preaching the Word of God. I also left Kadoma and went to Chinhoyi where I was an Assistant Pastor with the Chinhoyi Christian Centre until the middle of 1988. I left fulltime Ministry when that Church (for reasons I believe were purely racist) decided to drop the black Assistant Pastor and remain with only a white farmer who took over the Pastorship after the Pastor whom I was working with left for RSA.

I got a job with the newly opened OK BAZAARS and was engaged as an Office Cashier. From November 1988 to June 1989 I was doing the books, banking etc for OK.

I then got a better paying job with the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority as a Cashier/Clerk on the 10th of July, 1989. I rose through the ranks to be a Senior Accounts Clerk, Senior Credit Control Clerk and finally Assistant Accounting Officer (Revenue.)

In 1990 something happened which made me hate ZANU-PF and especially Mr Robert Mugabe. The details are in the same submission referred to above and I only pretended to be a ZANU-PF member while supporting any Opposition Party that was formed.

I was then privately supporting the Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM) of Cde Edgar Tekere.)

When the MDC was formed in 1999 I gave it my weight but continued to pretend to be a ZANU-PF member.

This made me to be a completely confused and divided person.

(That same year Faith Thandiwe left me and in 2000 I met a sweet Loveness Chimutu. My journey with her was "bumpy" but I owe a lot of what I am to her.)

In 2003 I was part of a voluntary programme which was being aired on Saturday where I supported the “Land Redistribution Exercise.” My name there was “The Radical Soldier.”

I was expelled from those programmes by Prof Jonathan Moyo for encouraging live calls from listeners on the very sensitive subject of Corruption. I was so angry and started writing letters to the “Daily News” and other Independent Press.

In October of the same 2003, I was illegally removed from my job after the then Chief Executive, Dr Sidney Gata (who is the President’s brother-in-law) ordered the Regional Management in Chinhoyi to fire me.

I had written a letter which was published in “The Financial Gazette” in June, 2003 entitled “Appeal to Mangwengwende.” I was jobless for a few months but was lucky (or rather, blessed) in that I won the Interim Judgement in the Labour Court where ZESA was ordered to pay me half-pay until the case was heard.

The case was finally heard in early 2006 and I won the case and ZESA was ordered to pay me all my unpaid salary and benefits. ZESA was given an option to either re-employ me or give a exit package and let me go. They chose the latter. While I was contesting the value of the package, I was advised by others not to waste further time but to leave for South Africa to see if I could start a new life there.

For details of this unresolved ZESA legal battle, please refer http://bobchargesheet.blogspot.com/2009/04/rev-hoves-court-judgement-against-zesa_09.html and http://radicalzim.blogspot.com/2007/05/bit-of-personal-information.html

I got a job as an Accounts Officer at the Africa Heritage Management Services and there I got inspired to write and blog. That’s where I started my various blogs the Index one being www.zimfinalpush.blogspot.com

I also met fervent youths The Revolutionary Youth Movement of Zimbabwe whom I became Patron of. While still at AHMS, I went to do demos at various points eg The Zimbabwe Embassy in Pretoria, The Union Buildings, The Chinese Embassy etc. Refer their website www.zimrevyouths.blogspot.com

Simultaneously, I got involved in the Zimbabwe Diaspora Forum and was elected to the Board of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Chamber. Refer www.zddc.org.

I then left the AHMS when I was preparing to lead an Organisation which I will not name now which would have assisted the Democratic Movement to remove the illegitimate, evil Regime of Robert Mugabe.

For reasons which I will not give now, the Organisation remained in vision only and did not take off to achieve the objectives which it was intended to achieve.

I remain,

Yours faithfully,

Rev Mufaro Stig Hove.

Cell: 0791463039 RSA.


Dear Loveness Chimutu, the mother of my intelligent lovely son Justice,

I thought we were together, Loveness.You are the woman I've loved and tried to build a home with. Our road was very "bumpy" but I thought.... well....no home has no problems. What I didn't know was that you did not want to stay with me here in SA because there was Milton Mwapenya. All these years since 2006? Or before???

When the house was petrol-bombed, I made urgent arrangements with some of my friends to urgently accommodate you here in SA. You refused. You said, "I'm brave. Whoever wants to kill me can do so. I will not leave."

I 'm devastated. I now know he teaches at Nemakonde Secondary school. I know he operates a Bottle Store near the Railway Station "kwaMachamire" there in Chinhoyi and that his cell number is 00263912753489 ..... (but did you arrange to "bomb" the house so as to frighten me so that I would never think of coming back to Zim?)


So perhaps I have to apologise to Mugabe and ZANU-PF? Who petrol-bombed the house?

Where were you sleeping together? I understand it was on my very double-bed. For how many months???

Well..... thanks to God for the various leakages.

So where will you and Milton go when I return? By God ...... God help me.

Loveness Chimutu I will take a long time to forget you.

Thanks for the good times we had together. (But I thought you would share my joy when all this over.... since you stood by me through more difficult times!)


P/S. I'm a public figure and may aspire to lead in future. That's why I believe in complete transparency..... including my own private life. M S Hove...Rev. Cell: 0027713074880 RSA